The biggest moth I’ve ever seen swooped by my head the other night in my bedroom. It was as big as a bat! After it swooped a couple more times, I saw that not only was it as big as a bat, it was a bat! I retreated to the kitchen to strategize while the bat zipped around, occasionally darting down the hall and into the living room. In the end, I held the screen door open for a minute or two, and the bat left.

Fire at Fireworks Store in Winchester

A fire apparently happened at the fireworks store in Winchester. I heard their wares going off from my house, but they’d stopped by the time I went by. The smoke covered Route 10.

Their fire protection must have worked, because the outside of the building looks OK aside from the white smoke streaming from it.

Firefighters have arrived. The building looks intact, with white smoke streaming from it.

Ghost Night

Oh, a ghost by the shrubbery! Or maybe me in a bedsheet.

This Halloween I hung out with my friend Anne as she doled out treats to hordes of kids, and I donned the traditional bedsheet ghost costume so rarely seen these days. I almost didn’t bother because even with help it came out crooked, but I’m glad I did because kids’ reactions were a hoot (the photo’s just a pose; I sat on the stoop with Anne).

The first pair shook my hand before leaving. One boy asked if I was a Mister or Miss Ghost and got agitated when I played coy, trying to get a close look and saying things like “What is your gender?” and “Show me your mustache!” We had a couple of skeptics, too; one said, “Nice costume, but I’m not buying it,” and later another said, “You’re not a ghost!” — but only after peering closely :)

Jury-rigged Tent

Front of the tent


I forgot to bring tent poles on a three day night camping trip last week; luckily my camping companions had more engineering acumen than I. After some futzing, they used too-short rain fly poles in place of the normal poles and some cord to suspend the back end of the tent from a tree trunk (we also put an odd short pole inside to prop the roof but I don’t know how much it helped). The resulting shelter looked weirder and had much less space than the normal dome shape, but it was enough to sleep in. Thank you Dan, Fardeen, Phayvanh, Randall, and Sarah for rigging it up!


Unexpectedly Finding the Library of the Lost

Zero #12: Library of the Lost minicomic (reprinted from Before Sleep #5)

I try to always have free comics like the Zero series on hand, both for promotional purposes and just because I like giving comics away. I also like leaving them in public places sometimes. The other day a person who found a copy of Library of the Lost pinned to the bulletin board at a bank in Milford, NH emailed me to say they’d enjoyed the comic and its “message-in-a-bottle distribution, which was like opening a Cracker Jack prize”. That feeling is one of the reasons I like leaving comics around, but what made this extra delightful to me is that I didn’t put that comic there. I guess one of the many people I gave a copy to at Broke must have decided to share with Milford’s banking public. The person who found it said they left it at the Milford library for others to enjoy. This all pleases me. :D

Zero #1-4

I’ve started making little 8-page 1/4-size minicomics to give out at conventions and around town. I just print a set batch (usually 50-100) and when they’re gone, that’s it – I’ll reformat & reprint them in my zine. Eventually I’ll post PDFs of some community- or holiday-related issues for people to download & print their own. The (not very prominent) series name is Zero; here are photos of #1: Super Friendly Garlic, #2: Winter in Headville, #3: Seven Aspects of the Landlord, and the newly-printed #4: Cupid’s Mission (yes, I’m saving some for February):

Zero 1 - Super Friendly Garlic cover

Zero 2 - Winter in Headville cover