Unexpectedly Finding the Library of the Lost

Zero #12: Library of the Lost minicomic (reprinted from Before Sleep #5)

I try to always have free comics like the Zero series on hand, both for promotional purposes and just because I like giving comics away. I also like leaving them in public places sometimes. The other day a person who found a copy of Library of the Lost pinned to the bulletin board at a bank in Milford, NH emailed me to say they’d enjoyed the comic and its “message-in-a-bottle distribution, which was like opening a Cracker Jack prize”. That feeling is one of the reasons I like leaving comics around, but what made this extra delightful to me is that I didn’t put that comic there. I guess one of the many people I gave a copy to at Broke must have decided to share with Milford’s banking public. The person who found it said they left it at the Milford library for others to enjoy. This all pleases me. :D

Headache & Nausea p.1

Headache and Nausea page 1


A short, amorphous blob with arms, legs, & face walks down a sidewalk and suddenly waves.
“Headache, how’s it going?” it says.
“All right, Nausea,” responds a short, spiky being coming the opposite way, “What’s shakin’?”
“Not much, just – oh, hey, I haven’t seen that guy in a while – let’s go say hi!”
The two run up a set of front steps behind a man with a tote bag entering an apartment building.
“Buddy! How are ya!” exclaims Nausea.
The man turns in alarm to see Headache & Nausea standing in the doorway. “Uh…busy,” he says.
“Cool!” says Nausea
They follow as he walks away.
“We thought we’d just drop by, catch up, rock out, y’know?” Headache says.
“Eaten anything interesting lately?” Nausea asks as the man sits down at a TV tray, starting to look ill.
“Guys,” he says, looking stressed, “I’ve got a lot of stuff to do, and I can’t do it with you here.”
Headache & Nausea are totally unfazed. “Aw, you can take a break!” says Nausea. “How often do we see each other?”

Pro Tips For Tabling At Comics Conventions 1

Pro Tips for tabling at Comics Conventions page 1


1. CAPTION: Have an eye-catching display. IMAGE: One exhibitor has a large table banner (“How-Doo Comix”). On his table, besides comics, he has candles, and black cones holding up those glass balls with the lightning effect inside. The poles at either end of his table are shooting fire out of their tops; they and the crosspiece between them are wrapped in Christmas lights. At the center of the cross-piece is a “Deer Crossing” sign with crab claws hanging from it. The exhibitor is wearing a crown and looking self-satisfied. Other exhibitors look variously frightened, startled, or dismayed.
2. CAPTION: Don’t be afraid! IMAGE: A scruffy exhibitor overcompensates by standing with arms crossed and staring aggressively with bloodshot eyes at a passerby, who looks puzzled and leans away.
3. CAPTION: Be confident. IMAGE: Smarmy exhibitor, referring to comic held by annoyed-looking woman: “If you think that thing is any good, prepare to be blown away by my comics!
4. CAPTION: Be approachable. IMAGE: Behind a comics table, a sign in the shape of a downward-pointing arrow reads, “I’m down here if you want to buy anything.”
5. CAPTION: Be friendly. IMAGE: Sleazy exhibitor to irritated woman putting comic back on his table: “Wanna come back to my room later?”

Zero #1-4

I’ve started making little 8-page 1/4-size minicomics to give out at conventions and around town. I just print a set batch (usually 50-100) and when they’re gone, that’s it – I’ll reformat & reprint them in my zine. Eventually I’ll post PDFs of some community- or holiday-related issues for people to download & print their own. The (not very prominent) series name is Zero; here are photos of #1: Super Friendly Garlic, #2: Winter in Headville, #3: Seven Aspects of the Landlord, and the newly-printed #4: Cupid’s Mission (yes, I’m saving some for February):

Zero 1 - Super Friendly Garlic cover

Zero 2 - Winter in Headville cover

Seven Aspects of the Landlord p.1

Seven Aspects of the Landlord page 1

I’d resisted drawing a landlord strip because I don’t do much autobio, and crazy landlord stories are a dime a dozen, but I finally reached a point where I felt like I needed to do it to exorcise some of my frustration. It’s not in an autobio format, but the whole strip is inspired by my current (soon to be ex-)landlord, and though condensed is unfortunately pretty true to life (re: panel 4, he’s an optometrist, though I’ve no idea how). This strip has a lot more cussing than my others because he is a cussin’ cuss.

This comic was printed as Zero #3.