Midnight Snack Mini-Comic

I used Mini-Comics Day to get a jump on my Halloween comic, and am well-pleased with the result!

Little Zero 5 - Midnight Snack page 1

Little Zero 5 - Midnight Snack pages 2 and 3

What happens next?! Don’t worry, I’ll post it…eventually. Muahahaha!!!

EDIT: Now you can read, download, and print the whole comic!

Transcript of comic:


[Scene: moonlit night]

[Voice from inside house] “So how did your trick-or-treating go?”

[Two girls are sorting their Halloween candy – a blonde girl in a grim reaper costume and a black-haired girl in a skeleton costume.]

Blonde girl: “Good – but look what that creepy house gave me.”

Black-haired girl: “A pickle?! That’s weird.”

Blonde girl: “Yeah. I guess I’ll put it in the fridge for now…”

Later…at midnight…[sleepy blonde girl, in her pajamas, opens the fridge – then looks wide-eyed in amazement!]

Comments (4)
  1. Will this be available for purchase at this October 20th’s Paint and Pixel Fest in Northampton,Mass?

  2. Registration for Paint & Pixel hasn’t opened yet, but yes, that’s the plan. It’ll be available as part of a few different Halloween comics packs and included (in a different format) in the next issue of Square Dance.

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