I’m no expert

re: Jesse DuRona: “Friends: can anyone recommend some great Celtic music?

I’m no expert, but here’s some Irish music I like a lot:

  • Noel Hill — In Knocknagree (all accordion/concertina and clogging, sounds like recorded live in a pub)
  • The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem and their families — Irish Folk Songs and Airs (more down-home sounding than some of their other work, probably because of the “and their families”)
  • The Chieftains — The Best of The Chieftains
  • Solas — Reunion (a live concert that I prefer to the studio album I have)

Scottish but sounds similar:

  • Capercaillie — Sidewaulk

Cheap folding desk for sale

I’m selling a folding desk for $20. It’s 36″ L x 18″ W unfolded (3″ W folded) x 29″ H and black.

The top is wood composite and the frame is metal. It doesn’t have any drawers, but it folds and unfolds pretty easily. I bought it new a year or two ago and used it as my main desk until recently. It has plenty of life left in it, but the top is kind of flimsy. I wouldn’t expect it to break unless you elbow-drop it, but you might find the way it flexes when you lean on it annoying (I sure do). Works great as a computer desk, eating place, crafting station (for crafts where you don’t press down on the table a bunch), cat perch, temporary whatever table, etc. Works less well for writing or drawing because of the flex (in my opinion — yours may differ).

If you want it, say so in a comment, message, or email to colin@colintedford.com.

Free Shelf

I‘m giving gave away a shelf. – who wants it?

Cat not included.

It’s 23.5″ L x 16.5″ W x 21″ H (height includes wheels), but there’s a lip on the front bottom and an overhang on the back, so the top and bottom are a little less wide than the whole thing.

The top is 14.5 inches wide and the bottom is 15.5 inches wide.

I’ve used it for about 5 years to hold up my laser printer and contain cd binders and large books; before that it was a friend’s TV stand. It’s a bit wobbly because the middle shelf that used to brace it went missing. I nailed a piece of illustration board to the back to shore it up. It has semi-functional wheels.

It’s no showpiece, but it probably has years of service left in it as long as you don’t wrestle with it or shake it to death with an inkjet printer. Or you could break it down and use the parts for something — the boards are pretty solid.

If you want it, say so in a comment, message, or email to colin@colintedford.com.

And now it has a new home!