I started using Firefox years ago because it was a better browser than Internet Explorer

I started using Firefox years ago because I liked it better than Internet Explorer, the only major browser at the time. I’ve come to further like it because it’s made by a nonprofit devoted to keeping the web open and free, against the trends of centralization and surveillance.

“Mozilla makes the only popular browser that is open source, uncompromised by commercial parentage and on the side of the individual.” — Doc Searls, “Hats Off to Mozilla” (h/t Tantek Çelik)

More site updates

More site updates:

* On Comics: Fixed broken links, tidied markup, changed from double column to single w/ section links for better small-screen experience (eventually I want to have it be 2-column on larger screens again).
* Marked up my “About” footer as an h-card so machines can dig it too.
* Enlarged page titles after noticing they were same size as second-level headings.