Illuminati Recruitment Spam

I found an Illuminati recruitment email in my spam folder! :D

From: Illuminati <> Sun, Jun 5, 2016 at 10:03 AM
Reply-To: <>
To: Colin Tedford <>
Subject: An Invitation

Are you a business man?

Business woman ?




Etc…And you want to become Big and Rich, Protections and Powerful,
famous, Promoting your Job office position and make your company product
the most popular and best seller in the world, join us to become one of
our official Illuminati brotherhood member today and you shall be given
a chance to visit the Illuminati initiation center and his
representative after registrations are completed by you,

Illuminati brotherhood brings along wealth and famous in life, you have
a full access to eradicate poverty away from your life now.

It is only a member who has been initiated into the church of Illuminati
that have the authority to bring any member to the church, so the
Illuminati initiation for this year new members is available now Join us
today and realize your dreams.

Once you become a member you will be Rich true whatever you are doing on
this planet as your occupation more ideals will be giving to you and
protected and as an actor or actress Politicians you will be famous and
powerful for the rest of your life, the Illuminati makes they members
happy so Join and be one of the successful Person on earth if you are
interested fill the form below to the below email address to enable the
Illuminati registration department process your membership and an
invitation for the initiation will be send to you wherever you are in
any part of the World.

Email Address:(

Full Name:…..
Current Full Address:….
Date of Birth:……..
Phone No:…….
Email Address:….
Tell us a little about yourself…

*WARNING*: If you are not interested or Below 18 Years old Do not reply
back this email.

This Message Is From The Illuminati Worldwide Occult Government Center.

I made a “Big Daddy” Roth-style card for my dad for Father’s Day:

It's a "BIKE FIEND" with bulging bloodshot eyes, big sharp teeth, flapping tongue, and gangly, hairy limbs maniacally riding a hot-rodded bicycle. I drew a preliminary sketch that was less detailed but more lively.

(He took up cycling a while ago, and we grew up with hot rod magazines in the house, is why. It didn’t occur to me ’til after I gave it to him to cleverly use the phrase “Big Daddy” in the inner text, but oh well. :) )

Fishlift visit

I visited a fishlift with my friend Anne on Holyoke’s Infrastructure Day last month.

The fishlift gives fish an elevator ride so they can get past Holyoke’s municipally-owned hydroelectric dam on their way upstream to spawn.

The dam stretches straight across the river. With pyramidal structures sticking off the top at an angle, it undulates downward like a wave. Made of huge stone blocks, it looks like the wall of some fantasy city.

You can see how the fish might have a problem without the lift.

Near the top of the lift is a viewing room where you can watch the fish continue on their way. We saw lots and lots of shad

And sometimes a sea lamprey zipped by!

The lampreys kind of looked like kielbasas with eyes, fins, and gill pores.

We listened to “Fish” by Mr. Scruff as we drove away to further adventures.