The biggest moth I’ve ever seen swooped by my head the other night in my bedroom. It was as big as a bat! After it swooped a couple more times, I saw that not only was it as big as a bat, it was a bat! I retreated to the kitchen to strategize while the bat zipped around, occasionally darting down the hall and into the living room. In the end, I held the screen door open for a minute or two, and the bat left.

♫ “Medley: Emilia’s / Always In The Way / Helena”

♫ “Medley: Emilia’s / Always In The Way / Helena” by The Stanislawski Polka Band (with Walt Solek)

The laughter-only verses in “Emilia’s” (0:32 & 1:18) always get me, especially when the second one goes off the rails. “Always In The Way” (1:51) has a surprising topic for a polka. And “Helena” is “cute and gay”.