♫ “Medley: Emilia’s / Always In The Way / Helena”

♫ “Medley: Emilia’s / Always In The Way / Helena” by The Stanislawski Polka Band (with Walt Solek)

The laughter-only verses in “Emilia’s” (0:32 & 1:18) always get me, especially when the second one goes off the rails. “Always In The Way” (1:51) has a surprising topic for a polka. And “Helena” is “cute and gay”.

I just read the weirdest description of anti-semitism I’ve ever seen

I just read the weirdest description of anti-semitism I’ve ever seen: “[E]xcept perhaps the flying fish, there was no race existing on the earth, in the air, or the waters, who were the object of such an unintermitting, general, and relentless persecution as the Jews of this period.” (from Ivanhoe by Walter Scott)

A quick search turns up nothing about medieval views of flying fish, so I’m still baffled — but I did find the Bosch VR app which purportedly lets one explore Hieronymous Bosch’s painting The Garden Of Earthly Delights in 3D: “allowing viewers to ride a flying fish through the Garden of Eden, endure illicit temptation and be transported into Bosch’s terrifying vision of hell.”

Illuminati Recruitment Spam

I found an Illuminati recruitment email in my spam folder! :D

From: Illuminati <member.in@yandex.com> Sun, Jun 5, 2016 at 10:03 AM
Reply-To: <ilucenter2016@yandex.com>
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