I have shortlinks now

I have shortlinks now! You’ll see one below this post, next to the permalink which is next to the tags. WordPress currently shows them like colintedford.com/s/3142 but you can use my short domain cted.us like cted.us/s/3142 (making WordPress use my short domain in the links requires rooting around that I don’t feel like doing now, and the plugin that makes it easy has a bug that wrongly reroutes some posts).

Why shortlinks? I want to put them on some comics so people can easily reach the web version, plus I might use them to link my silo posts back here.

Redid the site header

Redid the site header:

– Shrank and bolded site title.
– Brought vertical spacing in line with rest of site.
– Adjusted horizontal spacing.
– Made header max-width same as main content area.
– Search box has new, single size. Would like to make it more elastic but it’s good enough for now.
– Put search above nav in the source file so I could fit it next to the title on small screens instead of squashing in the nav.
– Fiddled w/ search box corner radius.
– Fixed an annoying, seemingly intractable bug where the title and nav sat on different baselines in certain views; turned out the nav list items were set to display: block & float: left; changed ‘em to unfloating inline-block and *mwah!*

It could still use some tweaking but I’m really pleased with the header now. It occupies a single line even on 7″ screens; takes two on phones but looks better doing it than it did before. I eventually want to make the site title handwritten but I dread the image-sizing issues it may entail.

More site updates

More site updates:

* On Comics: Fixed broken links, tidied markup, changed from double column to single w/ section links for better small-screen experience (eventually I want to have it be 2-column on larger screens again).
* Marked up my “About” footer as an h-card so machines can dig it too.
* Enlarged page titles after noticing they were same size as second-level headings.

Hoo ha I finally finished moving all my…

Hoo-ha! I finally finished moving all my comics images and turned off Webcomic! Now I get to figure out which theme to use. No matter what I pick it’ll need some changes; for now I’m using Mercury, but I need to finish reviewing some others. I also need to get the comics navigation back up, but I think it can wait for a day.

Update (~10 minutes later): Switched to Publish for now (Mercury’s great, though! Hoping to use it for Trees & Hills as a collaboration tool if not for the main blog).

I’m about 1/4 done copying my comic images from the obsolete version of the Webcomic plugin that I run to regular ol’ blog posts. Looking forward to finishing this dull task so I can install a new theme that works better on small screens.

Today I made basic navigation for the comics* in preparation for deactivating the Webcomic plugin, which is a step toward moving off of WordPress. They’re both lovely, but I want stop storing my stuff in a database and present as much of my site as possible as static HTML. I have a lot of backlogged and new plans for this site brewing; I also have some other obligations that take priority, but I’m giving myself permission to peck away at it a little.

*(which I should remove next time because it’s redundant right now)

Downpower archives merged into the parent blog

Downpower was a secondary blog I maintained from late 2007 to mid 2008, a “journal chronicling the attempt” to “make my life better for the world”. The attempt and the blog were both underwhelming; the latter came to seven posts, which I’ve just realized are still online (I thought I’d taken the blog down). The WordPress installation is of course way out of date, which is a big no-no, so I’ve merged the posts and comments into my main blog, tagged them, and taken the standalone version off the Web. I hate linkrot, but I haven’t learned all the redirecting magic and I doubt it’ll affect anyone anyway, so as a stopgap here is a list of the posts and their old addresses:

  • Introduction (formerly at http://www.colintedford.com/downpower/2007/11/07/introduction/)
  • STUFF (formerly at http://www.colintedford.com/downpower/2007/11/14/stuff/)
  • Cutting Your Car Use (formerly at http://www.colintedford.com/downpower/2007/11/28/cutting-your-car-use/)
  • In The Absence Of The Sacred (formerly at http://www.colintedford.com/downpower/2007/12/05/in-the-absence-of-the-sacred/)
  • Doing the Laundry (formerly at http://www.colintedford.com/downpower/2007/12/12/doing-the-laundry/)
  • Walden, and the dryer update (formerly at http://www.colintedford.com/downpower/2008/01/02/walden-and-the-dryer-update/)
  • Off To A Bad Start (formerly at http://www.colintedford.com/downpower/2008/01/16/off-to-a-bad-start/)
  • On Hiatus (formerly at http://www.colintedford.com/downpower/2008/07/30/on-hiatus/)

There were also two pages of links:

(formerly at http://www.colintedford.com/downpower/local-links/)

(formerly at http://www.colintedford.com/downpower/general-links/)

And to round it all out, here’s a screenshot of how it looked:

The Downpower homepage