Summer in Headville p.1

Summer in Headville page 1


[All characters are heads on little legs with no arms.]

As the sun rises, a farmer loads boxes of vegetables into her pickup truck and drives away from the farm. She passes two unicyclists; going through a suburb, she sees a man pushing a lawnmower with his mouth. In the city, she is one of many vendors at the farmers market.

There is an ice-cream truck nearby. A curly-haired man approaches it and buys a cone (passing the money on his tongue and carrying the cone with his bottom lip. He lays down in the park and (having presumably bitten off the bottom cone) holds the cone upright in his mouth waiting for the ice cream to melt and leak out the bottom into his mouth.




Setting: Headville – a land where everyone is a head on little legs.

A Headville woman with black hair walks through the park to an old-fashioned well, climbs into it, and lowers herself in the bucket. Eventually she reaches a cavern with a tunnel or alcove in one side. She enters it, finding a glass of water on a bump of rock. She grips the rim with her lips, flips it back to drink it, sets it back down, and exits the alcove, looking satisfied. She gets back in the bucket and ascends.

Surprises from Headville

The other night on a whim I Googled “Headville”. I guess I thought the only results would be mine (see Winter & Spring in Headville if you don’t know what I’m talking about), but it turns out there are other things with that name.

As far as I can tell it doesn’t exist anymore, but apparently there was a place called Headville in Vermont, as evidenced by the postmark on this postcard (I’d be tempted to buy it if the word “Headville” weren’t cut off the way it is). There’s also Headville Grain & Feed in Kansas (not Headville, KS, though). The business info site identifies itself as “a D&B Company”, which I guess stands for “Dun & Bradstreet,” but coincidentally is also a common abbreviation for “Drum & Bass,” a type of music I’ve enjoyed for years. Then there’s Headville, LLC in Colorado. That site gives no indication what they do so I was totally going to call them, but I Googled instead and found their Twitter, which tells me that it’s not only “a high quality smoke shop”, but also has “locally made tees, jewelry, ceramics, and fine art.”

The thing with the most results was Headville, which as far as I can tell from skimming their uninformative, script-requiring page and other search results, is some sort of video mystery puzzle. But the best result so far was a track by Isness called “In Headville” – I like it pretty well and It’s not a bad fit for the comic, so now there’s a soundtrack to listen to while reading Headville comics!