Summer in Headville page 1


[All characters are heads on little legs with no arms.]

As the sun rises, a farmer loads boxes of vegetables into her pickup truck and drives away from the farm. She passes two unicyclists; going through a suburb, she sees a man pushing a lawnmower with his mouth. In the city, she is one of many vendors at the farmers market.

There is an ice-cream truck nearby. A curly-haired man approaches it and buys a cone (passing the money on his tongue and carrying the cone with his bottom lip. He lays down in the park and (having presumably bitten off the bottom cone) holds the cone upright in his mouth waiting for the ice cream to melt and leak out the bottom into his mouth.

- Summer in Headville p.1 -
Comments (3)
  1. Have you thought of making a Headville collection maybe with all previous stories, a new by you, and tribute Headville comics by others? Just thought it could be enjoyable, I know I would love to see that.

  2. Yeah, I plan to do a collection eventually (though I hadn’t thought of including new or tribute comics). Someday hopefully I’ll have enough for a book, but once I have Fall in Headville (and Square Dance #4-6 + whichever Fall is in are out of print) I plan to do a “Seasons in Headville” collection (at least digital, maybe print).

  3. That sounds great either way. I will look for the collection and thank you for the reply.

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