Headache and Nausea page 2


The man leaned toward his computer, wincing in pain and sickness.

“Man, I’m diggin’ this noisy music!” said Headache. “What is it?”

The man walked unsteadily to his bedroom. “I think I’m just going to go to bed,” he said.

“What?!” said Headache. “It’s early!”

As the man huddled under his covers, groaning, Nausea said, “Okay, well, we’ll see you tomorrow!” The man fell asleep and Nausea turned to Headache. “Ha ha, oh man, so one time I’m at this guy’s house, right, when he wakes up…”

Colin’s sat up in bed, holding his stomach. “Ugh, I don’t feel so good,” he said. “Maybe I should call in sick…” Nausea, sitting on the sheets, smiled. Colin started to get out of bed. “Well, maybe I’ll feel better with some food in me…” Suddenly he could feel he was about to vomit. He ran for the door with Nausea holding onto him, then threw up in the doorway as Nausea did a happy little dance.

“Ha, ha, WHAM! Just like that! it was only like two steps from his bed to the door, but it just hit him so fast!” Headache and Nausea both laughed as Nausea finished his story.

True story!

- Headache & Nausea p.2 -

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