Headache and Nausea page 3


Nausea paused, glancing back at the sleeping man. “I didn’t actually wait up all night for it, though, I just kinda showed up in the morning.

“Yeah, this is pretty boring,” said Headache. “Wanna split?”


The man slept alone in his room for a little while, and then a conversation came through his window:

“Well, if it isn’t our ol’ buddy Bodily Aches!”

“Hey, what are you fellas up to?”

“Not much, just out on the town.”

“Hey, you wanna go to the bar and find someone to have us over for breakfast?”


“Ha ha, all right!”

The conversation moved away, becoming indistinct except for some laughter.

The next morning, the man woke up looking happy (and bedheaded). “Whew! I feel better!” he said.

- Headache & Nausea p.3 -

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