This bug has bitten me multiple times and I’ve forgotten it multiple times because it’s so surprising and unintuitive

re: Libreoffice will not run in “batch mode” when there is another instance open

This bug has bitten me multiple times and I’ve forgotten it multiple times because it’s so surprising and unintuitive. I’m glad to finally have a workaround, but would love to see this fixed properly (and documented in the man page in the meantime).

(This is my first time commenting here and the interface is confusing and the Help link is 404 — apologies if I accidentally changed anything. I’m using “Reply” b/c it gives me fewer fields.)

Winpick problems

re: LXLE OS Help and Support

Winpick seems nice, but it doesn’t always return windows to their previous size and place. The most annoying example for me is when the window I keep on the right side of my screen gets moved to the left side and sometimes widened. Other windows are sometimes shortened, though this might not be specific to Winpick — I moved the taskbar panel to the top of the screen, and every Linux desktop I’ve used (except Crunchbang) has had issues properly respecting panels’ space (ie. leaving space for a nonexistent panel or wrongly placing windows under a panel).

I would just avoid using it, but as mentioned in the thread that announced Winpick, it gets triggered during screensaver use (also annoying, but not as much as the other problem). For now I’ve disabled it by commenting out lines 184 & 185 in /usr/local/bin/winfuncs.

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False hit — first-run glitch?

I just got the VDH 5.0.1 update, and it detected a video on my site’s homepage (which is also my browser’s homepage), where there aren’t any videos. VDH named it “Colin Tedford” (the site name); when i downloaded it, it saved as “Colin Tedford.mp4″ and turned out to be a PNG image in the post from 2015-02-11 (which isn’t named “Colin Tedford”). Strangely, VDH doesn’t detect anything when I view the permalink page for that post or the 2015-02 archive page or the 2015 archive page. I’m using Firefox 36.0.1 on LXLE Linux (an Ubuntu variant). This isn’t a big problem, just puzzling.

Huh — even more puzzling, now VDH doesn’t detect anything on the homepage, either. Just a first run glitch?

[I’ve tried three times to post this to the Video DownloadHelper Q&A, with no success; the third time I removed all but one link in case that was the problem. I really dislike Google Groups.]

h-card validator doesn’t check address

Re: Issues · indieweb/indiewebify-me

The h-card validator appears not to check for address properties (p-locality, etc; see indiewebifyme’s view of my h-card vs. glenn jones’ parser’s). @tantek told me in #indiewebcamp that it just checks the bare minimum for indeweb; I think it’d be great if it checked everything but if not a note explaining what it does check would prevent confusion.

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Distinguish links to nonexistent pages

Re: Issues · indieweb/wiki

The default theme doesn’t visually distinguish links to nonexistent pages from links to existing pages, so if you mistype a link you won’t know it’s wrong unless you click on it. I had a bunch of wrong links on my user page (didn’t realize capitalization mattered) and only noticed when I tried on a different theme (Simple) & suddenly a bunch of them had strikethrough.

The Teahouse theme (which works so much better on my phone!) doesn’t distinguish either.

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