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  1. Thanks; I can’t wait to see yours! I put off scanning mine ‘cuz scanning’s tedious, but as you can see I finally just did it.

  2. Okay, dude — so you did Hourly Comics Day, and I didn’t. I guess if our phonecall wasn’t a CROSSOVER then it was… what? A dead end?

    And shameful, say you? Well, just so you know, I am PROUD of my non-participation! Ha! While you were drawing your hourly comic, I was out there STICKIN’ it to THE MAN! Plus, I’m too busy working on my concept for minutely comics day.

    And yeah, your cat is impressively large.

    And is that the official MIMI’S DOUGHNUTS calendar on your drawing table? Cool!

    And yeah, that WAS some odd snow, wasn’t it? At our place, it behaved almost like a liquid, forming ripples and spraying to either side when you stepped hard into it. I love the ktktktkt/sssssss panel. That’s almost a manga approach to graphical sound effects.

  3. Marek-

    Our phone call was a lost opportunity. A lost opportunity for greatness.

    And yes, that is the very calendar you speak of.

    Yeah, that snow-stuff (someone assured me it was sleet, so I guess I’ll run with that) was certainly strange. It was kind of like frozen rain coming downn. On the ground it was sort of halfway between snow and slush, but…different. The traction walking in it was pretty decent, actually improved in places where it covered ice.


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