Home page 1

Here’s the first page of “Home”, a story from the new Trees & Hills anthology Shelter. The following four pages show the house’s life after foreclosure. “Home” was written by Trees & Hills co-founder Daniel Barlow; when the original artist wasn’t able to finish the piece, I volunteered (insanely, given everything else I had to do) to draw a quick version at the last minute. I’ll post ordering info and a page from my own story soon.

50 States Jam

i51.jpgHere’s another comic I have work in, and it’s quite an unusual project. JB Winter sent his “Izzy the Mouse” character on a tour of the United States with the help of one cartoonist from each state. Each artist received a card with a drawing of Izzy in some pose, with instructions to fill in the action, background, and a caption describing what Izzy did in their state. There are some pretty creative interpretations (all quite “family-friendly”). It’s only $1.00 postage paid for a 16 page, 5.5″ x 8.5″ tour of the U.S. – vacations don’t come much cheaper! For more info, follow the link to Izzy Challenge #5: 50 States Jam: Izzy Tours America.

I haven’t read the other Izzy Challenges, but they sound interesting. I have read Winter’s solo minicomic Noodle (issues #1 & 2), and it is worth checking out.