False hit — first-run glitch?

I just got the VDH 5.0.1 update, and it detected a video on my site’s homepage (which is also my browser’s homepage), where there aren’t any videos. VDH named it “Colin Tedford” (the site name); when i downloaded it, it saved as “Colin Tedford.mp4″ and turned out to be a PNG image in the post from 2015-02-11 (which isn’t named “Colin Tedford”). Strangely, VDH doesn’t detect anything when I view the permalink page for that post or the 2015-02 archive page or the 2015 archive page. I’m using Firefox 36.0.1 on LXLE Linux (an Ubuntu variant). This isn’t a big problem, just puzzling.

Huh — even more puzzling, now VDH doesn’t detect anything on the homepage, either. Just a first run glitch?

[I’ve tried three times to post this to the Video DownloadHelper Q&A, with no success; the third time I removed all but one link in case that was the problem. I really dislike Google Groups.]


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