Workin’ outside

Some months ago I thought it would be a good idea to work outside, so I brought my computer & papers out to the front lawn and sat down. It was pretty awkward and uncomfortable, so I went back in, resolved to figure out how to make it better, and forgot about it.

This Monday the idea came back, and I realized that my current “office” is a folding TV tray and a folding chair, so I dragged them out to the yard behind my window (actually, I used a “camp chair” instead of my usual). It was great! All that sunlight and fresh air made my computer seem a little absurd (and made the screen harder to read), but what a difference! I plan to work outdoors as much as possible until winter precludes it. I didn’t do it today because it looked like rain was coming, and yesterday I was away from the house, but if the weather’s clear tomorrow, you know where I’ll be!