Restore to new user?

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I’m finally about to update my OS, but I’d planned to use a different (shorter) username & hostname — what will I need to do to restore my files and BiT profiles? I know I can manually copy (or rsync) them from the backup folders, but would like to restore through BiT if possible. I’m backing up my dotfiles, so I will have a copy of ~/.config/backintime/config.

I’m using Back In Time 1.0.7 on LXLE 12.04 (based on Lubuntu 12.04), and moving to whatever version of Back In Time is on LXLE / Lubuntu 14.04. The update isn’t an in-place upgrade; I have to do a fresh installation. Also, some of my profiles backup (and all of them backup to) external hard drives.

(I don’t see how to add a label, but obviously this is a question).

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