The new routine

I have decided to post a new installment of “99 Doodles” every Thursday – easy enough.

To balance that out, I have decided to post something else each Monday, like a comic or some news – easy enough, really.

On Sunday going into Monday, I had nothing to post, so I drew a little comic – easy enough, but now it’s late, so I will scan it later. It should be up by Tuesday.

Have a good day!

Before Sleep #5

Before Sleep #5 (cover) The final issue of Before Sleep includes sketchbook strips about Biff the Pineapple Demon Goddess, “Headville”, The Library Of The Lost, and ever so much more! “This is some really clever stuff!”JB Winter “It’s rare that a mini has me, my wife, and my 8-year-old laughing!”Doug McNamara

5.5″ x 4.25″, 32 pgs. Out of Print

Great Moments In Nuclear History 1

Spinning World: Great Moments in Nuclear History 1

Vermont Yankee is an aging nuclear power plant in Vernon, VT, less than 10 miles from my home. It’s current (out-of-state) parent company, Entergy, secured approval to run the plant at 120% its original rated capacity, and is trying to extend its license 20 years past the original planned shutdown in 2012. Hopefully the numerous blatant maintenance failures they’ve experienced in the last couple years will help us prevent that. Just a couple weeks ago, the plant cut back to 25% capacity because the cooling towers sprang some leaks (yes, even the repaired one that’s supposed to be totally fine after fresh inspections).

On August 6 through 9, Citizens Awareness Network will have a Walk For A Nuclear-Free Future through Vermont in honor of Hiroshima Day and Nagasaki Day.

(EDIT 8/3: Several other groups are co-sponsoring the walk. Also, CAN is now going to use this comic and the text under it on a flyer to be given away during the walk. Cool!)

Spinning World appears in The Commons and TWIG.

This comic appears in Square Dance #3.

Real web shop coming soon!

menu-shop.gifUntil now, my print comics have been available through the Trees & Hills Comics Distro. Well, they’re still available there (along with lots of other cool regional comics), but starting Monday they will also be available right here at this very site, by clicking the “Shop” link in the menu! I will also be selling some original art and maybe other things. Items will first appear here on the front page for your convenience, and all items will be handily collected in the Shop. Whoa!

[Downpower] On Hiatus

I am putting Downpower on hiatus. I started it before I was really ready, because I had just redesigned my website and felt I should put everything up while I was at it. Well, that didn’t work out too well! Hopefully I will resurrect it again later; in the meantime, thanks for reading!

Update 2014-06-21: I don’t have any plans to restart this project, so I’ve merged the posts & comments into my main blog and taken down the separate Downpower blog so I don’t have to maintain its WordPress installation.

(formerly at

99 Doodles 01: Boxcar Turtle

Quite some time ago I declared my intention to participate in Anthony Woodward‘s 99 Doodles Challenge, and at long last I have not only drawn my first five Doodles, but scanned them, too. It is a pretty easygoing challenge, requiring only 99 drawings of some sort, with no time limit, and I have been very busy – so here we are. I have decided to do my doodles on 4″ x 6″ index cards, which should make them easy to frame; I plan to sell them for $10 each, except for this one. This one’s gone already.

Hobo turtle sitting in the doorway of a boxcar

Know what other nutty project I’m doing? You probably do since it’s right below this entry: Comics By Request!!!

Comics By Request

tedford2.JPGAs if I don’t have enough to do, I have decided I would like to do some Comics By Request – leave a comment with your comics request (subject, phrase, constraint, etc.), and I’ll draw the darn thing. For now I’m going to say that I’ll draw the first 10 requests I get, but I might change my mind and do more – I’d like to do this as a recurring thing. So…request away!

Anthology appearances

Check it out – I have work in three current anthologies, two of which were not even co-edited by me!

sandlcover.jpgSecrets & Lies is a big, ambitious anthology assembled by Cat Garza. I have a single page in it, but that page has 48 panels and multiple endings, so it’s well worth picking up. It is also (perhaps more so) worth picking up for things like the all-new 13-page story by Stephen Bissette,  classic reprint from Rick Geary, fantasy by Shaenon Garrity & Chuck Whelon, nonfiction comic by Dan Archer, not to mention work by Colleen Frakes, Marek Bennett, Daniel Barlow & Charles Schneeflock Snow, Dan Hernandez, and so much more! 180 8″ x 10″ pages can be yours for only $19.95!

vol_3_web_cover.jpgCandy Or Medicine is a small minicomic anthology published four times a year by Josh Blair. I had a page in the Free Comic Book Day 2008 Special (now available for free download at the website), and I have a four-pager in the recently released issue #3. It’s only $1.50 shipped – click on over and pick it up!swingin_hits.jpg


 Of course, I also have a piece in the latest Trees & Hills anthology Swingin’ Hits, which I helped put together. I was a bit stymied by the theme (“Music”), so I ended up illustrating a piece by Keith Moriarty. I also contributed a musical collage to the bonus CD that comes with the anthology. The whole 52-page 5.5″ x 8.5″ package is a mere $5 at Trees & Hills Comics Distro!

Still touring…

Thing in the Spring 2 092

I have been pretty darn busy with the Trees & Hills “Spring Thaw Tour”, tabling at three conventions in four weeks (Granite State Comicon in Manchester, NH; Broke: an affordable art fair in Peterborough, NH, picture of me above by Marc Patterson; and MoCCA Art Fest in New York City). Now we’ve added a fourth date, so you can catch me in Dover, NH (right on the Maine border) at ArtsALIVE from 10am to 4pm. Marek Bennett will be leading us in a big audience participatory comics jam, and we’ll have loads of minicomics for sale (including the new Swingin’ Hits anthology with bonus CD!). Click here to read the Trees & Hills press release.

Cupcake Fate

Cupcake Fate excerpt

Here is a sample of “Cupcake Fate”, the 1-page, 48-panel multi-path comic I submitted for Secrets & Lies. Where will it all lead?

Secrets & Lies debuts at MoCCA June 7 & 8, but you can (and should) get a copy early by attending the release party 8pm May 31 at the Main Street Museum, 58 Bridge Street in White River Junction, VT. The same party celebrates the release of Colleen FrakesTragic Relief book, which should quell any doubts you may have about going. I plan to go, and so should you!

Earlier that day, I will be tabling at Broke: The Affordable Art Fair in Peterborough, NH’s Town Hall (1 Grove St.) from 10am to 4pm. The fair intends to promote innovative, affordable art outside of the traditional gallery system. It is part of the “Thing In The Spring” 3-day arts event, which will also feature concerts, movies, and more.

The weekend after that, I’ll be tabling at MoCCA in NYC, where Trees & Hills will debut its Swingin’ Hits music-themed anthology (I have a comic in it and a piece of music on the bonus CD). I should have a new minicomic out in time for either Broke or MoCCA. Whew! After that, things should quiet down for a while.