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With the firefighters out and the rain starting again during the first firehouse dance, they skip the song and the usual jaunt to Pliny Park, returning to the pub to sing other songs.

Singer: “Although I’m not rich and although I’m not poor / I’m as happy as those that’s got thousands or more.”
Group: “Thousands or more / Thousands or more / Thousands or more / I’m as happy as those that’s got thousands or more.”

Geoff Rogers says, “I like these events that mark the passing of the year … We used to have the planting season and they knew when the solstice was coming … when the shortest day was going to happen…”

“And even what that meant!” Jake adds.

“I think nowadays people are so far away from that – so isolated, ” says Geoff.

The evening nears its end as 10:00 PM passes. A departing guest wishes Jake a “Happy You Tuesday!”

Jake says, “Thanks! … I’m always glad to share it with you.”

Six months after his heart attack Jake – for whom math had always come naturally – was unable to do a sixth-grade long division problem.

“I’m a science teacher … I can do [long division] now, so it’s been neat to see the recovery, and there are a bunch of things that have helped me get better – Jake Tuesday being one of them.”

Bonus: watch a video from the very same Jake Tuesday celebration covered in this comic (courtesy of Adroyt)!

Update 2014-06-12: I should’ve mentioned earlier, you can get your own print copy of this comic in Square Dance #6 (a collection of my short comics) and The Cartoon Picayune #4 (an anthology of graphic journalism). You can also peek at my process behind the scenes in The Cartoon Picayune‘s interview with me.

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  1. This was a great read! Mr. McDermott was my science teacher in high school and I lived a few roads down from him. I was in my first year of college when he had his accident & my mom sent me the newspaper clipping. I had no idea how much damage the heart attack caused as the article didn’t make it sound terribly serious. I’m so glad Putney has such a great community & he has such wonderful family & friends that helped him get back on his feet! He is truly a wonderful person!

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