What I’ve been up to

Sorry I’ve been away, Internet! I thought things would calm down after Water, which they did but only relatively; I immediately had to throw myself into preparations for the next anthology Woods, then the summer cluster of birthdays, then at some point  I started having really productive brainstorms.

Current projects:

  • Pursue drawn journalism – I want to draw more nonfiction but haven’t, mainly because it’s more work. Enter “comics journalism” and bushels of excitement!
  • “Community Comics” presentation & comic (& maybe workshop).
  • Trees & Hills logo (finally)!
  • Trees & Hills anthology #11, Woods.
  • A new Halloween Comics project.
  • Make comics templates.
  • Overhaul the Trees & Hills website. Among other exciting changes, we’re gonna have a wiki!
  • Overhaul this website (again). The software’s outdated & I have a sneaky spam problem, plus I want to change some things anyway.
  • Trees & Hills reorganization.
  • Prepare for the next Offshore Comix anthology.
  • “Get organized” (ongoing, recently reinvigorated)
  • Transition from Windows to Linux. I think I can finally relegate Windows to its proper place on a dusty shelf, but I have to set up & test some stuff first.
  • Go back “on tour” – so far I have a couple events lined up this month and one in September. I expect to start doing more once the Community Comics presentation is ready.
  • Fix sleep schedule (ongoing) – more daylight hours would make all of this a lot easier! At least now when I’m up too late I’m usually accomplishing a lot instead of just reading the internet (enriching though that may be).
  • So many comics to draw!

So despite the lack of drawing, I’m plenty busy. Despite which, I promise new comics soon!


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