The New Setup

Oh boy oh boy, look at my new website setup! OK, it doesn’t look radically different from the old setup (which itself was pretty recent), but I’ve finally jumped on the “latest-comic-on-top, blog-on-bottom” bandwagon. I may actually post stuff to the blog now that it won’t push my comics down out of sight! All the comics are back up except the hourlies – I’ll get to them eventually. Other than that I have maybe a few minor style tweaks to fiddle with when I feel like it, and I’d like to spruce up the sidebar a bit, but I’m basically considering the renovation successfully completed. Yay!

I had been partway through converting my site to use Comicpress (got distracted by anthology production, touring, etc.), then the other day after recommending Daniel Merlin Goodbrey to someone, I went to look at his site. I was surprised to see he was using Comicpress, and thought he’d done a really nice job with it, until I saw his blog post that said he was actually using Webcomic (and it turns out he hadn’t customized the default theme all that much). I checked it out, it seemed a little easier to use & better suited to my needs, and here we are! I like it so far.

Notes on navigation: besides the obvious navigation links, you can click the comic to go forward (unless it’s the last one), and you can also navigate the comic with your arrow keys. How cool is that? Navigation works within each comic; to see other comics, go to the “Comics” page and click away! (One-off strips are pooled together).

Okay, boring website talk is over now! You can look forward to more comics, and a higher volume of blog posts – talk about value!


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