Sam and the Prophecy of the Allrus page 6

I completed this page at 8:30 PM. Most pages probably took me around 45 minutes to actually draw, but then there was planning, deciding, eating, taking breaks, and just plain goofing off, which is where some of the longer spans between page completions came from.

- Sam and the Prophecy of the Allrus p.6 -
Comments (2)
  1. allrus…companions….is this Harry Potter goes to Narnia meets Doctor Who?

  2. Wait’ll you see some of the other influences coming down the pike…

    (though Harry Potter is the only one of those that’s an overt influence here – haven’t read Narnia & only dimly remember Dr. Who from childhood viewing. Mainly I wanted to spoof the sort of “chosen one” fantasy of which Harry Potter is the most popular example – I’m sure there’s a name for the trope but I don’t know it).

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