Sam and the Prophecy of the Allrus page 3

Page 3, finished at 2:51 PM. I wanted the main character to look a little like Harry Potter, but unfortunately he looks like Young Cartoon Me. The glasses and haircut are different from mine, but I guess people with glasses all look alike – especially when you draw them in a simple cartooning style.

- Sam and the Prophecy of the Allrus p.3 -
Comments (2)
  1. he looks enough like harry that if someone has never seen you they would think Harry;) when it comes to drawing guys in glasses they all tend to look alike with me too..unless they’re bald (then they look like elton john). its easier to draw a chick in glasses cuz there are more styles to choose from like cat eyes.

  2. Ha, yes. In fairness, before I grew my beard some people thought I looked like Harry – and boy was I glad I’d chosen my current oblong glasses and not the round ones I almost bought.

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