Pro Tips for Tabling at Comics Conventions page 3


1. CAPTION: Connect with your visitors. IMAGE: Tall skinny young exhibitor with blond hair swept across eyes, looking down at phone & presumably texting, says, “Feel free to text me if you have any questions” to annoyed-looking older man looking at his comics.
2. CAPTION: Don’t be a know-it-all. IMAGE: Attendee: “Excuse me, where are the panel discussions?” Exhibitor, reading comic book & shrugging: “I dunno.”
3. CAPTION: Bring snacks to keep your energy up. IMAGE: Happy-looking exhibitor, who has been eating chocolate cake with his bare hands & has it smeared around his mouth, extends a cake-covered hand out for a handshake, saying “Oh, hi!” to a woman, who recoils.
4. CAPTION: Give out promotional items. IMAGE: Cocky-looking exhibitor dude to skeptical-looking attendee: “Have a gum wrapper I wrote my web address on! I chewed the gum myself!”
5. CAPTION: Check out other comics. IMAGE: Rude cartoonist (henceforth abbreviated as ‘RC’.): “Man, so much effort went into this cover, but then inside just sucks!” Creator looks shocked, angry.
6. CAPTION: Network with other creators. IMAGE: RC to disapproving-looking exhibitor: “Boy, are [censored name]’s comics over-rated or what?” (gestures over shoulder)
7. CAPTION: Treat yourself to a good meal afterward. IMAGE: Fancy waiter to RC: “Tonight’s special is Flavorful Meat marinated in Vitamin Waer (TM).”
8. CAPTION: Above all – have fun! IMAGE: RC, dragging suitcase, thinks: “Man, everyone I met was frowning – what a bunch of negative jerks!”

Update 2011-02-21: I just noticed I left out a word in the “networking” panel – he’s supposed to be saying the person’s comics are “overrated“, not “over”! I’ll fix it for the print version, at least.

- Pro Tips For Tabling At Comics Conventions 3 -

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