I’m back, & I have a “tumblr”

It seems like something in me rebels against getting my act together, since any progress I make in that direction seems to be followed by a slump. Witness! the month of November: in which I drew 2.25 pages of comics and failed to even keep up scanning already-drawn comics to post (all on a foundation of going to be way too late). Shameful! But it seems like the larger trend is still toward improvement, so I guess it’s just a cycle I’ll live with until I can figure a way out of it.

While I was busy not getting much done, I got myself yet another internet presence over at Tumblr. It’s fancier than Twitter but less so than a full-featured blog – the interface is easy & fun enough to use that it makes me want to find a use for it! For now I’m sending my site feed there and posting interesting bits I find on the internet (plus of course reading stuff).

Comic updates start again Monday!


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