Another new routine – progress

Last blog post I mentioned my desire to draw at least a finished half-page of comics every weekday, which seems like a do-able pace and would produce way more comics than I have been (I count a page as art meant to be printed at 5.5″ x 8.5″). I decided this in August, didn’t do it, then decided I would start at the beginning of September. With half of September over, I’ve sat down to do the math and see where I’m at.

If I’d stuck to my schedule, I would have at least 5.5 finished pages by now.

I didn’t stick to my schedule at all, in part because of procrastination from stress about finishing the new Trees & Hills anthology.

Instead, I drew…
9/7: Daniel Barlow’s comic for TIME (4 pgs)
9/8: My comic for TIME (5 pgs) + a calendar page for TIME (0.5 page)
9/12: part of a jam minicomic (1 pg) + part of another mini (1 pg)

…for a total of 11.5 pages, twice the minimum I should have by now! I guess that sort of makes up for being off-schedule. Erratic bursts don’t help me in the long run, though, so here’s to the slow and steady accumulation of finished comics pages.


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