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  1. Again, you are my favorite minister, and this is my favorite explanation of religion ever! Are you making up a new one? I’m not sure I could figure out the last few panels starting with reindeer man and why he equals the king in Pope hat’s mind

  2. I like the space this gives me to articulate the concepts on my own terms. I especially love the speaking bird & tree… and your graphic depiction of the theological debate here.

    The antlers dude is the shaman/medicine man, right, who can maybe relieve the priest of his voices? But the priest plans to try to convert the shaman.

    I wonder if you purposefully avoided racial difference between the priest and the savage?

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Blake, Marek is right about the sequence you mention – the tribal folks have a relatively egalitarian social structure, but the priest assumes the shaman-guy has the power to command people.

    Marek, avoiding racial differences does help focus the story a little more, though mainly I was just thinking about the original Christianization of Europe (of course, this strip veers well away from historical accuracy to highlight the worldview differences without getting too involved). I started drawing the strip to submit to a European magazine (hence the wordlessness); the theme for the issue was “Mortal sin” (hence the subject matter).

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