Spinning World: Great Moments in Nuclear History 6: Three Mile Island

Hey, this month marks the thirtieth anniversary of the meltdown at Three Mile Island! Three Mile Island is often abbreviated as TMI, which nowadays also stands for Too Much Information, which is kind of funny since prior to the meltdown, plant staff had been falsifying records to avoid shutting the problem-plagued reactor down for repairs so frequently.

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Updates 2014-06-20:

- Great Moments In Nuclear History 6: Three Mile Island -
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  1. I don’t feel very strongly about many issues, but this is one of the ones I do. I always feel like the people in the first panel when I drive by a nuclear power plant. What was worse is there was one near where I stayed in China. ehhhh.

    I mean, nuclear power seems to produce a good percentage of the super heroes out there, but at what cost?

    First Panel reminds of in Ghostbusters when they’re in the elevator and Egon says they each have an unregistered nuclear reactor on their back, then they switch Dan Akroyd’s on, and then Egon and Bill Murray shuffle to the other side of the elevator! HA!

  2. Yeah, funny in the movies…

    I think “BLORP” is my favorite sound effect from “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”… The horrors here suggest something VERY REAL on the scale of “Akira” or any of the best manga nightmares.

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