Whirlwind of the present

Well, things have been so crazy lately that I’ve lost track of what day it is! Somehow I thought Friday was Thursday, and then I had a weekend houseguest, so here I am making the sort of post I’d intended to have up on Thursday.

Although it looks like the onset of winter has slowed things down somewhat, the end of this busy year has been nuts. In mid-November I attended a friend’s wedding and to my surprise ended up reuniting with an estranged friend. Not long after that I lost one of my jobs, and at about the same time had some intense positive dating experiences & other shifts in my personal life. My other job, in which I work from home for my newly-married friend, had scaled back hours, but through the power of coincidence, picked up the pace just after I lost the first job.

In trying to figure out how to actually accomplish all the things I hope to do next year (a subject for later), I contacted one of the groups working to ensure Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant closes on time, and much faster than I expected got a comics project OK’ed in their 2009 rough budget!

So, I have been experiencing a lot of upheaval. Some of it has been stressful, but looking past that it mostly seems to be just the sort of bubbling ferment that produces good things. It has also fired me up again on the simplifying project I started last August (to make all my possessions fit comfortably in a roughly 10′ x 15′ space)! Once again I am winnowing and organizing, and it feels good. I made a lot of progress before, then let things get slovenly, and have pushed back the piles again and hope to finally get this place into a pleasing, functional order. Related, I am working harder at improving my relationship with time.

Winter is a good time for this sort of inward-focused work. I had my last public event of the year a week ago, tabling for Trees & Hills at the Stars & Skulls Craft Fair, which went well for us. The day before that I brought some comics to Rebecca Migdal‘s Tidings Of Joy event to help raise money for Doctors Without Borders, and the day before that I bravely passengered through the aftermath of an ice storm to attend Howard Cruse‘s release party for the North County Perp #2 (in which I have a few strips).

Speaking of anthologies, I am working on submissions for two different ones that both have their deadlines on December 31. We’ll see what happens! If I spend New Year’s Eve drawing comics, I suppose it will at least be appropriately symbolic.

After that, it’s a whole new year, chock full of possibilities!


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