Webwork: New Illustration & Sketchblog!

I’ve been working on the website, as might be obvious. The main big thing is I’ve set up a new section for sketches & illustrations. It is it’s own blog to make it easier for people (especially those looking to pay for drawings) to find things. I’m happy to have finally started sketching from life on a pretty regular basis, so once I’m caught up scanning & posting it’ll also function as a sort of sketch-journal.

Note the doohickey in the sidebar which announces the latest Sketch & Illustration post; the LiveJournal doohickey has been demoted because most of the content there will be copied from other places (including Sketch & Illo, once I’ve posted all the stuff I’ve scanned to date). I’ll still occasionally post personal notes or preview pages on the LJ, though, so keep an eye on it if that’s your sort of thing.


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