Ask Jack

Ask Jack front coverGet copies of “Ask Jack” formatted as a minicomic with puzzle to give to trick-or-treaters, Halloween party-goers, goblins, etc.! Buy packs of “Ask Jack” and other Halloween comics, or right-click & download the PDF of “Ask Jack” to print. All I ask if you download is that you email or leave a comment to let me know you downloaded it and how many you printed & where they went (for example, “30 copies to trick-or-treaters in Putney, VT”).

It’s easy! The PDF has 2 pages which should be printed as one double-sided sheet in “landscape” format, preferably on orange paper. There are 2 copies of the comic on the sheet, so cut the sheet in half (if using scissors instead of a papercutter, you may want to cut after folding). Fold the comic in half so you can’t see the covers, then on each side fold the edge next to the opening back to meet the edge with the fold, producing a little booklet with covers where you read the comic, then flip over & open the back for a puzzle! It should look like this. Put them under a heavy book for a while so they stay closed better.

Have a fun & spooky Halloween!

- Ask Jack -
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  1. funny…………………..loved the last 1 keep makin more jokes cozz ur grtin alot of viewers every1 woches us guys we ol luv u

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