My last entry for the Comic Rehab Ripoff – a day late, alas. I hemmed & hawed because I wanted to do a self-contained strip but had no ideas; then I got this idea but it went a little past what I had time to do yesterday. LAME, but that’s life sometimes. Yesterday was kind of an awkward day.

Anyway, the Rehab Ripoff has been a great experience for me! Thanks to Dragon Green for initiating it, and to fellow Rehabbers Jen and Patrick. I wrote a little about the experience over at comics productivity blog Make Comics Forever!!, though as the first new post there in months I doubt it’ll be read much.

This comic appears in Square Dance #3.

The Eternal Soup p.8 (the end!)

The Eternal Soup page 8


This is Comic Rehab Ripoff Round #6. For anyone to whom this wasn’t already apparent, I didn’t use any pencils on The Eternal Soup, just felt-tip on business cards – not necessarily the best approach for something that was originally intended to be a calling card, but whatever. Four days hence: the final round of the Comic Rehab Ripoff! What will it bring?

(This comic appears in Candy Or Medicine #3.)

The Eternal Soup p.7

The Eternal Soup page 7

Join me four days hence for the “thrilling” conclusion! This is Round #5 of the Comic Rehab Ripoff, which has so far done a better-than-expected job of motivating me. And now that I think about it, there are diary cartoonists out there who draw four panels every darn day – so that is a goal I plan to aim for. I think after Rehab maybe I will try to do at least two and work my way up.

Another nice thing about Rehab is that it’s forcing me to scan on a regular basis.

(This comic appears in Candy Or Medicine #3.)

The Eternal Soup (p. 1-5)

The Eternal Soup page 1
The Eternal Soup page 2
The Eternal Soup page 3
The Eternal Soup page 4
The Eternal Soup page 5

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I started drawing this business-card-sized comic some time ago, then let it languish…until now. Thanks, Comic Rehab Ripoff! There are 3 pages left to draw (though at this point I don’t know if I feel like going to the trouble of making the tiny minicomic – I may just print as 4 pages of a quarter-size mini with some other stuff). The first new panel is the last one on page 4 (with the hypnotic yeti); page 5 is all new. It’s all drawn on the back of outdated business cards (4 cards of art to shrink to 1 card-size page).

(This comic appears in Candy Or Medicine #3.)

The Comic Rehab Ripoff

There’s this nifty website called Comic Rehab, where 4 cartoonists at a time sign up and commit to draw at least 4 panels every 4 days for 4 weeks, in the hopes of kickstarting their productivity. Dragon Green wanted to take part but there weren’t any openings, so she decided to just do it herself, and put out a call for a few others to join her. I said, “What the heck,” and so did Jennifer Ruggiero and Patrick and now this Saturday (tomorrow!) we each need to have 4 panels. I just drew February’s Spinning World, but I have things set up now so those don’t post until the appropriate month, so I’ll have to do something else tomorrow. You can watch us all here.