Pulled into the public eye

Wow, I’ve been so out of it that not only have I hardly drawn anything, but I forgot to post last month’s Spinning World (and even weirder, I uncharacteristically lettered it in all caps and didn’t notice ’til afterward)! It’s up now, posted under the date it would have been.

As much as I may still(!) need time to hibernate, spring has sprung, and I can hide no more. I have a piece in the new Always Comix vol. 5: Evil. It’s an evil little book for the evil little price of $7, and you can learn more and get it here, and see a page of my comic here.

The Keene Sentinel recently interviewed me (and others) for a nice article about the Trees & Hills Comics Group (there’s even a photo – look out!). EDIT: Arg, it’s behind a subscription wall now! I’ll see if i can get a copy to post.

This coming weekend I will be staffing the Trees & Hills table at the Maine Comics Arts Festival in Portland, ME, which is clearly going to be an excellent show (organized by the fine folks at Casablanca Comics). I will, sadly, not be joining my T&H comrades at MoCCA in NYC the first weekend in June this year, but I do hope to have a new minicomic out by then.

Always Comix “Activity” Issue out now!

always-comix-4r.pngThe Always Comix “Activity” issue, featuring a page by me (sample) and many other cool activity comics, is out now! I got my copy at the Philly Zine Fest; you should get your copy here. Contains 2 recipes, 2 paper doll things, 2 spiritual practices, a mad lib comic, a maze, and so much more! Contributors include Falynn Koch, Jeremy Tinder, Will Kirkby, Josh Blair, Colin Tedford, Matt Wiegle, Alvaro Lopez, Colleen MacIsaac, Amanda Kirk, L. Nichols, Ed Moorman, Box Brown, Alisa Harris, Josh P.M., Joe Decie, Erin Griffin, and Sarah Wahrhaftig.

I also co-edited and have a piece in the new Trees & Hills anthology Seeds, which will appear for sale online soon. And coming soon to an online shop near you: Before Sleep #3 & #4, now back in print.

Beach Hum preview

Beach Hum panel 1

Here’s a sample panel of a one page comic I submitted to the Always Comix “Activity” issue. I sent it in at the very last minute and haven’t heard back, so I’m not sure if I made it in; if I didn’t, I’ll post the whole thing later. If you’d like to see the whole thing, you can buy it from the Always Comix folk at SPX, or right after that at the Philly Zine Fest. I won’t be at SPX (sad!), but I will be at the Philly Zine Fest. I will also have a table at the Winchester Pickle Festival September 27, so you should come check that out; just be careful not to get pickle juice on the comics.