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  1. “I F · Y O U · C A N · R E A D · T H I S · Y O U · A R E · U N D E R · O U R · P O W E R · N O W .”

  2. OK, thanks Colin. That is neat you got to meet Steven! I have been chatting with him for a couple years and made some fan art of his Squirmish card game. Have a good Sunday.

  3. Oh, neat, what a small world! :) We both used to organize cartoonists (he may still), which is how we came in contact, and then I met him when I went to Minneapolis to visit an old college friend. I also met a couple of other cartoonists whose work I like (Twin Cities has a lot of cartoonists). Actually, I’ll recommend you one back: (some favorite 1-pagers:!.html

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