Anyone know a good way to share playlists online? I was using Youtube because it has a lot of music but their ads ruin the experience (I only noticed recently on a friend’s computer; I use an adblocker on mine). I basically want to post online mixtapes but I haven’t kept up with streaming music stuff so I don’t know what’s out there or if it’s even feasible given copyright issues.

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  1. Spotify is probably the best. Pretty much all these services are going to have ads if you aren’t paying for the premium subscription, but I think the cost is usually worth it. Spotify is nice because you can share with anyone even if they aren’t paying for the service.

    My preferred service was Xbox Music, but they’re ending the free listening.

    People also like Rdio, but I don’t have experience with that.

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  2. You do have to have an account with Spotify to listen, but you can listen from the app or the website. And yes, there will be ads, but I think they are less obnoxious and frequent than the YouTube ads. More like a radio ad (which is still obnoxious)

    A lot of people have Spotify accounts anyway so that’s handy.

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  3. Grooveshark is a super easy free way to share playlists, but it’s a sketchier website. I think some of their stuff has changed for legal reasons since I last used them, but it might serve your purposes.

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  4. Ah, Grooveshark might fit the bill. It does seem a little sketchy, but I guess no more than Youtube. Thanks again!

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