Experimental Hats


1. An white-heared, bearded man in vest and glasses uses a wrench to tighten the metal straps around another man’s top hat while an assistant stands by with spare parts.
2. On an airfield, a scruffy-looking man in a jumpsuit points to the ear-flap that detached from his winter hat, while a 1950s-style man in suit & glasses uses a pocket calculator.
3. A woman in a lab coat & glasses with hair pulled into a bun holds a clipboard while looking at a machine; the machine has a large clear class tube full of liquid. A knitted hat with pom-pom floats in the liquid as bubbles percolate.
4. A man and woman in labcoat stand deep in thought, watching a machine. The machine wears a brimmed hat with bow and feather on it’s head-shaped extension and is (by design) vibrating intensely.
5. A man in a windbreaker and cap with small brim runs down a test lane, smiling until the cap suddenly explodes! As he rolls on the ground, a crew member sprays a fire extinguisher at his head while a second crew member runs up with a bucket of water. A scientist dashes over, trailing papers from his clipboard.
- Experimental Hats -

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